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Web based applications and software had a great impact on the lifestyle of people around the world. The popularity of web based application is because of their highly interactive and customizable nature, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and easy to access from your browser where no need to install the software but within same network you can access your web application.

However, great opportunities are often accompanied with the most daunting of challenges, which come in terms of security of the application and backup of database which can be overcome using smart technologies.

Zahra Soft recognizes the growing potential and challenges of the software development services industry and has taken action as well. Zahra Soft is delivering unique, user-friendly, effective, and cutting edge software development and applications that are allowing its clients to inch ahead of their competition.

  • PHP / MySQL Web software
  • PHP / MySQL Web based application
  • Real time reporting
  • Grapical Dashboard

Let's start with the simple way to create a website.

Let's start with the simple way to create a website.